How To Fight Mosque Planning Applications 101- Chapter Three……Your Case


Well done for getting this far. Keep plugging your Facebook page , and keep plugging the objections.

You`ll need to now start thinking about a more detailed case to present to the council. Once the application has been closed online , the council will review all the objections and the Planning Officer will compile a report and recommend refusal or approval. If you`ve done your job well (and people have objected) , the case will be referred to the Planning Committee….and you`ll get the chance to put your case at a public hearing.

The usual favourites to concentrate on are parking and disturbance to residents.

Do your research , have a walk around the site. And talk to a number of local residents.

Things you need to consider :-

Where would worshipers park ?
Is there any onsite parking ?
How many will attend ?
And at what times of the day ?

You`ll find this info on the council site attached to the application. Look for the Design and Access Statement ,the Travel Plan and comments from the Highways Agency. Have a good read of these  documents , you`ll find some outright lies and inconsistencies. Point these out to the council.

Also consider :-

How close are residential properties ?
What impact could the mosque have on local businesses ?
Are there any other mosques nearby , is it even really needed ?
If it`s being described as a “community centre” are there any other community facilities nearby ?
What are local transport links like ? Buses , trains etc.
Does the development take away commercial or employment potential.

Also have a look at the councils Local Plan or Core Strategy. You might find local regulations relating to the area surrounding the site. Do your homework !!

The applicants at the West Ham Megamosque claimed that virtually no one would arrive by private car. If this were true , the local transport network would’ve collapsed. Clearly a huge porky pie !

Encourage all local residents to write/email their local councillors. There may be more than one per ward. It`s important to get them involved , since they can also speak at the Planning Hearing.

Be prepared for a longish wait before you are notified of the application reaching the agenda for the Planning Committee , it can take months. In the waiting period , that’s the time to do your on street petitions. You`ll need to keep checking the council websites for the agenda , because you`ll need to get someone registered to speak on your behalf. The agenda is normally published a week before the Planning Committee meeting.

Next job is to find a brave soul to speak at the Planning Hearing. Some councils allow more than one speaker , you can check with the Democratic Services Officer. Your speaker will have to register with the Democratic Services Officer , once your application is on the agenda for the Planning Committee.

Good luck at the hearing !! Go to Chapter Four.


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