How To Fight Mosque Planning Applications 101- Chapter Four…….The Planning Hearing.

Well done for reaching this stage !

Once the agenda is announced , you`ll need to do a bit of prep work:-

  • Register your speaker(s) with the Democratic Services Officer.
  • Help write the speeches , remember you may only get 2 minutes….so make sure all the key points get included.
  • It`s considered to be disrespectful to the Chair if you over run , so a few timed rehearsals are always a good idea.
  • Do not include non planning objections…especially race or religion !
  • Consider speaking to the local press before the hearing , but try not to give the applicants too much info about your objections.
  • Study the Case Officers report , you may have to shoot down some of their arguments ! Here`s an example.

It`s a public hearing , so get plenty of people there….the applicants will. At a number of recent hearings , the applicants have tried to intimidate speakers and supporters. Make sure your speakers are safe!


Normally the Case Officer will speak first , followed by the:-

  • Objectors.
  • The applicant or his agent.
  • Local councilors , who have an unlimited time to speak.

The Planning Committee will then discuss the case , and vote. The decision will be approve or refuse.

Hopefully you`ll get the right result , unless you are able to fund a Judicial Review….you have no right of appeal (unlike the applicant).


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