Sutton Council Describe New Application As “Tosh”.



Sutton Council has refused a mosque application for the second time. The controversial development was rejected in December last year  on the grounds it would cause traffic chaos with no measures to stop up to 140 people coming in cars with no on-site parking. . The site is located on the busy Green Lane in Worcester Park.

A new application was rapidly submitted with a rather fanciful Travel Plan , which claimed that every worshipper would walk or arrive by public transport ….a “car free Mosque”. The applicants also reduced the capacity.

The Planning Committee failed to be convinced ,  Councillor Tony Shields  described the presentation from Cunnane Town Planners  “tosh”. He  added: “You’ve used guesswork to come to the conclusion you’re looking for. It will be gridlock. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mosque, pilates or a bingo hall – that building is not suitable for public assembly.”

Local residents have rallied to the cause to object to both applications , with almost 4,000 people signing petitions . Just goes to prove that you don`t need expensive lawyers to represent you , just a spot of organisation.

Clearly now local authorities are fed up having to fund Controlled Parking Zones , to protect local residents from worshippers careless parking. Many applications are accompanied by Traffic and Parking Management Plans , which are of course unenforceable. You can`t force people to not arrive by car !

An appeal against the rejection of the first application is set to be heard in November


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