Good Job Stalybridge !

More than 1,500 people signed a petition against the plans to create a community centre and place of worship on the site of Kenworthy Street’s former Pineapple Inn ,Stalybridge.


Stalybridge is a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside in Greater Manchester, England, with a population of 22,568. It is 9 miles (14.5 km) east of Manchester city centre and 6 miles (9.7 km) northwest of Glossop. The muslim populations is less than 2% ,there are 10 mosques within 10 miles of Stalybridge.

Local residents  claimed it would bring unwanted traffic and parked cars on an already busy road. Having looked at the application , we have to agree. The former pub would have a capacity of over 200 , with only parking for about 20 cars.

Planning Officers at Tameside Council say the application was refused on the grounds that it would generate  ‘significant demand for car parking which cannot be accommodated on this site.  “Vehicles would be forced to park on surrounding roads to the detriment of residential amenity, highway safety and the convenience of other road users.

This was an officer delegated decision , no hearing. Planning officers have delegated powers on minor planning applications (those involving less than 10 houses or 1,000sqm floorspace). Applicants (and objectors)  can request for an application to still go before Planning Committee  for decision. In this case, the applicants did not make this request (trying to sneak it through unnoticed I guess). The applicants (Understanding Islam) plan to appeal.

A fantastic illustration of what happens when local residents co ordinate their efforts , a massive well done to all the locals who objected !





South Woodford Locals Object In Numbers !


Great news from South Woodford. Local residents have been fighting plans to demolish and rebuild a large “community centre” and place of worship.

The local council has finally seen sense , and allocated a separate planning meeting to decide its fate. So far 288 objections have been received , with the final number likely to be much higher.

The application from the Qurani Murkuz Trust is very slick , with their architects claiming that Islamic buildings are a part of Britain`s heritage. I THINK NOT ! .


As usual the application is full of tales of their virtuous contributions to the local community. Strange that the local residents are unaware of any of them.  And as usual the applicants maths are a bit  dodgy. The capacity is 250 , with 64% of the worshippers arriving by car (clearly not locals). The applicants lease a council car park with 90 spaces…leaving them short of 70 spaces !!  But this won`t cause a problem apparently.

The QMT isn`t a charity , so who exactly is paying for this ?

With the local council elections due in May next year , local councillors seeking re election should probably pay attention to their voters !

We`ll update the page with the result in November.