Dorking Mosque Expansion Plans Withdrawn After Fierce Local Opposition.

People power strikes again. Local residents in Dorking , Surrey have sucessfully scared off a ridiculous plan to expand a small mosque by 600%


The Dorking Muslim Community Association had submitted an application to add a dome to the top of the centre in Hart Road and drastically increase its size to allow more people to use the building. If approved, the building would have grown from its current 75sq m to 459sq m of floor space. Probably expanding the number of worshippers to about 200-220.

Local residents were rightly concerned about the alteration to their landscape , and the six fold increase in traffic and parked cars. There is a small public car park to the rear of the site , but we all know from past experience that worshippers prefer to park for free on residential streets.

Hart Road resident Des Brennan said “People are aghast that they want to do this. Our issue is simply with the size of the proposed building. It will mean that we are overlooked and it will affect the amount of light we get is limited and could mean extra noise.”

A flurry of angry objections by locals , a conservation group and several local councillors has led to the application being withdrawn by the applicant. But it`s likely they will resubmit , maybe hoping a scaled down plan will be acceptable.

I suspect the local residents will oppose any expansion in this inappropriate location amongst residential premises. After all , would you like to wake up to this view every morning ?


Well done to the local residents…..keep up the good work everyone.

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