Cheadle Residents Force Withdrawal Of Plans


More good news from Cheadle. Our team have been monitoring some great work by local residents ,who were opposing a massive expansion to the Cheadle Mosque. The controversial plans that could have seen a mosque and community centre double in size have been dropped after a backlash from residents.

Current buildings already sit on greenbelt land and boundaries for the new build would have meant encroaching onto more green space.. How the hell did they get permission for the initial build on greenbelt land ?

Local residents got very busy.  There was  an amazing response to this campaign,  involving two local residents associations. They not only ran a Facebook page , but hit the streets…delivering 10,000 leaflets.

This lead to a huge number of objections being lodge with Stockport Council , leaving the CMA with little option but to withdraw plans.

In a statement they said “The decision by the trustees follows consultation with a number of parties. Cheadle Mosque and Community Centre remains committed to providing improved facilities for its users and will be considering a resubmission following advice and discussion with the relevant parties.The mosque would like to thank everyone for their feedback and comments and we hope that the community will work together in developing bridges of cohesion and friendship.Trustee Saeed Akhtar added: “There is a degree of sadness as the proposed development would have been of real benefit to Heald Green”.

What would be of “real benefit to Heald Green” would be if Mr Akhtar and his mates could park their cars properly on Fridays , and not block people driveways.

The CMA will resubmit new plans….ding ding  ROUND TWO !


Halesowen Residents Secure A Fine Victory !


Great news from Halesowen near Dudley.

Local residents objected in great number to oppose an extension and the addition of minarets and a dome to the Baitul Ghafoor Mosque. The residents were also supported by local councilors. Councillor Karen Shakespeare said: “I am pleased this planning application has been refused and I know local residents will be pleased too.The minarets would have had a strong visual impact and would have affected the skyline.”

Having seem the plans , our team agree…it`s an eyesore.

Dr Muhammad Ashraf, from the mosque, has vowed to appeal the decision to block the building of the minarets.

More and more mosque applications and extensions are being refused. Our message to you is to get organised , and use the council planning process to your advantage. It`s your community , and your choice.Silence implies assent !!

The Megamosque Revisited.



As this case enters its 18th year ( I kid you not ) , the latest installment has just finished.

The much delayed Planning Inspectorate Public Inquiry into the fate of the  Riverine Centre , recently finished at the ExCel Centre near London City Airport.

The inquiry was to rule on Newham Council`s decision to unanimously  reject plans for a 9,000 capacity building for Muslim worshipers in December on the site – former industrial land at the end of Canning Road which is listed for strategic development.

The hearing turned into a three week  Battle Royale  with Newham Council and Newham Concern (representing Megamosque No Thanks) on one side , and the Riverine Centre Trustees and the Newham Peoples Alliance on the other. All four combatants were represented by barristers or solicitors , however the Riverine Centre Trustees were quick to distance themselves from the Newham Peoples Alliance.

All of the four groups were allowed to call witnesses , and cross examination and discussion was allowed. The Inspector also was able to direct questions to the witnesses. Once again a number of local residents showed the courage of their convictions , and gave evidence against the development. Their committment must be applauded.

However , the star witness for Newham Concern failed to show , and sent a last-minute communication via the Newham Peoples Alliance. How very odd you may think ! Witness intimidation , surely not !!! Read all about it here :-

The Inspector will now prepare a report and recommendation for Eric Pickles (the communities minister) which has to be delivered by October 6th 2014.

Our prediction is dismissal of the appeal. However a Judicial Review (by one of the sides) and more legal shenanigans seem likely also.

We`ll bring you any news , as soon as we get it.

Dagenham Wins Again !


My word this has been a long battle !

Local residents have finally defeated the proposed Community Centre and Place of Worship at 539 Rainham Rd South in Dagenham , Essex.

We blogged on this case last year.


The mosque was initially granted a temporary one year permission in April 2102 , despite local opposition. When the year was up , the owners of the mosque applied to make it permanent . However local residents “upped their game” , and Planning Officers refused the application in August 2013.

However , the owners decided to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. The decision announced today cited issues with road safety , parking and disturbance to local residents. It can be read here :-

A massive well done to the local Dagenham residents.  A lesson to us all , get organised and don`t give up !!



South Woodford Says No Again !!


Defeat again for the Qur`ani Murkuz Trust in South Woodford , Essex. This is an ongoing battle to increase the size of the current facility.

The message from the locals and the Planning Committee was that the submitted design is too big , would cause parking and traffic problems and was not in character with surrounding buildings. Perhaps we should transfer some of these sensible councilors to Bolton !

Round three to follow I bet !

RIP Democracy in Bolton


Sad news from Greater Manchester , the much vaunted Supermosque was been given approval at yesterdays Planning Committee meeting. The meeting erupted as the decision was announced , and local residents angrily confronted local councilors….who ran away and hid like cowards.

A local campaign opposed the application for a 1,000 prayer mat replacement facility for an existing mosque and madrassa. They had massive local support , collecting 5,000 signatures on a petition and 100`s objected to the council.  Actually I say replacement facility, but the existing mosque was staying … my mind that`s an expansion not a replacement.

The design is very grandiose , and not in keeping with local architecture. See if you can spot the difference , the Planning Committee couldn`t !


Despite the efforts of several Conservative and UKIP councilors , the Labour dominated Planning Committee would not defer the decision to allow time to consider a damning report from the Highways Agency (see Consultee Comments…Highways….3rd from bottom)

Clearly the Labour Party agenda of mosques for votes , was more important than road safety and residents parking.

It`s hoped that the opposition group will organise  an application for a Judicial Review to overturn this scandalous decision.

You`d think that the road safety and well being of thousands of local residents would outweigh the needs of a small minority……..not in Bolton !