Cheadle Residents Force Withdrawal Of Plans


More good news from Cheadle. Our team have been monitoring some great work by local residents ,who were opposing a massive expansion to the Cheadle Mosque. The controversial plans that could have seen a mosque and community centre double in size have been dropped after a backlash from residents.

Current buildings already sit on greenbelt land and boundaries for the new build would have meant encroaching onto more green space.. How the hell did they get permission for the initial build on greenbelt land ?

Local residents got very busy.  There was  an amazing response to this campaign,  involving two local residents associations. They not only ran a Facebook page , but hit the streets…delivering 10,000 leaflets.

This lead to a huge number of objections being lodge with Stockport Council , leaving the CMA with little option but to withdraw plans.

In a statement they said “The decision by the trustees follows consultation with a number of parties. Cheadle Mosque and Community Centre remains committed to providing improved facilities for its users and will be considering a resubmission following advice and discussion with the relevant parties.The mosque would like to thank everyone for their feedback and comments and we hope that the community will work together in developing bridges of cohesion and friendship.Trustee Saeed Akhtar added: “There is a degree of sadness as the proposed development would have been of real benefit to Heald Green”.

What would be of “real benefit to Heald Green” would be if Mr Akhtar and his mates could park their cars properly on Fridays , and not block people driveways.

The CMA will resubmit new plans….ding ding  ROUND TWO !


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