Return Of The Hypocrites.


After few months away from the news , the much lamented Dudley Supermosque is back on the planners table again !

Dudley (Listeni/ˈdʌdli/ dud-lee) is a town in the West Midlands county of England located 6 miles (9.7 km) south-east of the city of Wolverhampton and 8 miles (13 km) north-west of the city of Birmingham.

This sorry saga has been going on since 2007 , and has been the cause of millions of public pounds being spent fighting plans that only a small minority of locals want. After a refusal , appeals and two High Court cases a new plan has been submitted. Dudley Council have bent over backwards to try and accommodate the Dudley Muslim Association

The new application is  four linked buildings – a mosque , “enterprise centre” , community centre and a sports hall.  The mosque probably holds about 2,000 worshipers , and the other three buildings all have halls…making the potential capacity over 3,500 worshipers. No problem if you have 1,500 parkings spaces , but they don`t ! Quite how 120 spaces will cope on busy days or festivals is beyond us. God help the locals who live nearby , they`ll be parking in the Town Centre.

A more detailed look at the “enterprise centre” shows that it will only be used a few times every week for meetings and counselling , while the community centre and sports hall seems even less busy. Anyone else thinking that they are merely “overspill” prayer halls.

So who`s paying for the project ? The Dudley Muslim Association are Barelvis…a small sub group of the Sunni branch.  An excellent piece by Paul Austin Murphy reaveals the Barelvi muslims only represent 28.2% of British muslims. A minority within a minority !

And since the Barelvis seems to in perpetual conflict with the Deobandi/Wahabbi branch , its clear this project isn`t being funded by Saudi Arabia. So we checked last years accounts for the DMA…they have £76,000 on account. A little short of the £14 million to complete the building. Maybe there`s a hidden mountain of  gold being guarded by a dragon.

It is touching that the DMA want to spend their non existent cash on such a worthy  “community project” , sadly it`s just window dressing to disguise a large mosque development. Designed to become a local landmark , and dominate the skyline next to one of the areas busiest roads. It`s just such a shame that the DMA didn`t show the same compassion in July , when they objected in numbers to an educational facility for disabled children across the road to their current mosque.

We are are relieved to see that local residents are organising a campaign to co ordinate objections and lobby their councilors…we wish them every success.



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