Solihull Council Refuses Cemetery On Green Belt Land.


News has reached us this evening that the Solihull Council Planning Committee , have voted 9 to 1 to refuse a muslim only cemetery application for a site in leafy Cathererine-De-Barnes. It`s the first of two applications on adjoining sites to create an 11,000 plot cemetery.  The village (which has a population of just 613) faced the prospect of a facility which could eventually hold over 18 times as many people as currently live in the village itself.

The application for 4,000 plots plus buildings was presented to the committee by the case Officer John Hallam , who was recommending refusal for the following issues :-

  • Green Belt Policy
  • Landscape & Visual Amenity
  • Highways
  • Neighbour Amenity
  • Ecology
  • Trees and Hedgerows
  • Environmental / Groundwater Issues
  • Airport Issues.

There were also objections from local residents , the Highways Agency , West Midlands Police , two of the local parish councils and the Environment Agency. We`ve never seen such a strong case for refusal , and the decision comes as no surprise. A local resident hit the nail on the head ” Solihull council should not be promoting segregation in life , or in death ”

The second of the two applications (for 7,000 plots) is due to face the same committee in November or December. The smart money says that the applicants will withdraw the application.

Congratulations to the local residents whose hard work defeated this application. People power !!

SECONDS OUT……Round 2 to follow.


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