Great Result For Plymouth Residents.


Another fine win by local residents in Plymouth , Devon. The Salahuddin Trust, based in London, had applied in September for permission to change the use of the former PDSA surgery in Durnford Street, Stonehouse. The trust also operate two other mosques in London and Ipswich. The Ipswich premises is well known for anti social behaviour and anti social parking.

The plan submitted to Plymouth City Council stated: “The use would incorporate social, religious, educational and cultural aspects as well as providing office space for the applicants and a part that could be used for occasional overnight accommodation for visiting speakers.Regular readers of this blog will have seen this description used before , basically its a mosque ! Strangely the local Kurdish community group also objected , claiming they were nothing to do with this application,

Local residents objected in their droves , citing problems with parking and traffic flow. The delegated officer decision cited as reasons for refusal :-

(1) No adequate provision is proposed to be made for the parking of cars of persons residing at
or visiting the development. Vehicles used by such persons would therefore have to stand on the
public highway giving rise to conditions likely to cause:-
(a) Damage to amenity;
(b) Prejudice to public safety and convenience;
(c) Interference with the free flow of traffic on the highway.

One thought on “Great Result For Plymouth Residents.”

  1. I think its disscusting that the pdsa will or might be tured into a mosque i could think of better reasons to turn it into a centre for a nursery or something for everybody its also not fair on the working girls that will be bullied by muslim men which already chuck stones at girls driving past. Not only that the muslim people do not want to intergrate with christian people and i think we should ban the burka when entering banks shops ect ect it could be anyone like a suicide bomber. I feel they are taking over our city my children are scared of them they are far more racist then english people ive have been subjected by muslims for being a red head and been spat at for walking hand in hand with my girlfreind bring told i will burn in hell for being gay.if this mosque goes ahead i feel that it will cause trouble, people also knock working girls but i know that there will be alot more rapes ect if it wernt for them
    Please do not build another mosque.

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