Dudley Muslim Association Get Approval For Supermosque….But Don`t Own The Land.


More proof that our Planning Laws are bonkers. The Development Control Board in Dudley last night approved plans ( by 5 votes to 3) for a Supermosque complex , despite the applicant not legally owning the land ( Dudley Council do ) . The ownership matter will be decided at a High Court appeal next year , leaving the victorious Dudley Muslim Association unable to break ground.


This new application again sparked local outrage , and nearly 1,000 local residents objected. The objectors were represented by Tim Wright ( ex deputy council leader) who previously refused a similar application when he was Chairman of the Development Control Board. His speech contested the application on design , scale , mass and appearance…which did not match or enhance local distinctiveness. Once again supporters camped out all day to make sure very few objectors got into the public gallery for the hearing (46 to 4). Angry scenes followed the hearing , and the police needed to intervene outside the Town Hall.

Local residents are already considering selling up and moving , if the High Court allows the appeal. It`s a sad conclusion to a case that Dudley Council have been trying to resolve for 9 years. The DMA have doggedly held out for this prominent site for their “landmark” , that will dominate the skyline and draw attention away from the famous Dudley castle.

Lets hope the High Court hearing ends this matter for good !! Fingers crossed everyone.


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