Application Withdrawn in Devizes


Some great work by local residents in Wiltshire has led to an application for “retrospective permission for two portable buildings to be used by the Muslim community at Bedborough Farm.” being withdrawn.

Residents living near Bedborough Farm in Devizes , were worried that if planning permission was granted there would be an increase in traffic and parking problems.

Twenty four neighbours who live near to the portable buildings  wrote to the council to object. One said: “I am very concerned about the parking and the traffic. I am also worried about an overloading of services such as sewerage.

The Highways Agency agreed , and objected….leading  the applicants to do the usual 11th hour withdrawal. This of course allows them to resubmit (free of charge) within 12 months of the submission date. Perhaps they are hoping that the locals will miss the application a second time !

While the consultation process was underway the two businessmen behind plans for a mosque in London Road, have fallen out about how it will be run.

The continued illegal use now needs to be dealt with by Wiltshire Council !

Well done to the local residents for a spirited campaign.


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