Another Refusal In Redbridge !


Happy New Year to you all.

A great end to to 2014 with the decision to refuse an application for “Change of use from retail (A1) to Community Centre with prayer facilities (D1)” in Snakes Lane East , Redbridge.

The application from the  Woodford Muslim Cultural Centre was refused for  failing to comply with “Green Travel Plan August 2014, DP/2206/ES-1, DP/2206/ES-2 and BGL92926″ and “The proposed change of use would result in the loss of A1 retail units and would thereby reduce the range of products and services for residents within walking distance of the site and this part of the Woodford Broadway/Snakes Lane Local Centre. The proposed change of use would be contrary to Policy SP4 of the Core Strategy DPD Policies March 2008, Policies R1 and R3 of the Borough Wide Primary Policies DPD May 2008 and Policies 4.8 and 4.9 of the London Plan July 2011”

Local residents objected in great numbers (over 300) ,most concerned with the lack of adequate parking and loss of a retail unit. A large petition was submitted too. There were also an objection from the Highways Agency , since the applicants failed to submit an in depth travel plan.

This is great news for local residents , and of course the florists and bookies next door. However , the applicants are still using the site illegally (already reported to the planning team).

Our prediction here is that the applicants will appeal. Watch this space !!


3 thoughts on “Another Refusal In Redbridge !”

  1. Yes, we’ve been royally f***ed over by someone not living in the area with a ludicrous suggestion that it will increase trade in the vicinity? Really? They discounted the parking problem, not providing disabled access (by law), nor facilities for their own staff, the increase in rubbish etc etc.

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