The Stratford Megamosque – A Decision In Limbo


Well dear reader it`s been a while since we mentioned this particular project. It`s all gone very quiet , and several deadlines have come….and gone.

Since the Planning Inquiry in June 2014 , not a lot has happened. And to cap it all , the General Election is now the reason for the delay.

Before each GE there is a period called “Purdah” , where no major decisions are allowed to be announced.

So local residents sit and wait . And so do Newham Council , who have a live High Court appeal in progress…which is waiting for the decision from the new The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government…whoever that may be. A spokeswoman for Newham Borough Council said she believed that the Secretary of State’s decision would not take place before May’s general election.  Planning decisions would not start to be issued after that until at least June because they would need whoever got into power to ‘bed in’.

Alan Craig, spokesman for the MegaMosqueNoThanks campaign,  is still ‘quietly confident and optimistic’ that the decision will be to refuse permission for the mosque to go ahead in its current form. ‘Any rational person who looks at the facts and evidence would take that position. I would be gobsmacked at the stupidity of Eric Pickles or his successor if they allowed this to go ahead.’

Don`t hold you breath folks , this dispute is now entering it`s 16th year !


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