South Woodford Mosque Expansion Loses Appeal


More great work by South Woodford locals.

A long running campaign by residents against an expansion of the Qurani Murkuz Trust in Mulberry Way , was bolstered by the dismissal of an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate

The appeal against Redbridge Council’s decision, lodged by Liquat Khan of , South Woodford, came after the authority rejected plans to demolish the community centre for it to be replaced by a three-storey building.

The appeal was turned down by the planning inspectorate on the grounds:-

Its bulk and height, combined with its plot coverage, would make it appear over-dominant and intrusive seen in conjunction with the much smaller scale neighbouring residential development.”

The Inspector stated that the Trust’s attempts to scale down plans, by lowering the building’s roof height for instance, were “insufficient”.

It is concluded that the proposed development would detract from the character and appearance of the surrounding area.

Great work Team South Woodford , standby for a resubmission. Keep fighting !!


One thought on “South Woodford Mosque Expansion Loses Appeal”

  1. Make sure you residents who are against this that there are no ‘protected wildlife’ in the area, such as badgers, woodpeckers and other endangered species of birds, slow worms, bats and butterflies. This list is not exhaustive so please go to ‘The wildlife and countryside act’ to see more endangered and protected wildlife. It is AGAINST THE LAW to disturb or Hope this helps!

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