Karma Is King.


Tremendous news from Dudley in the West Midlands. Dudley Council has won a legal battle over land earmarked for a replacement mosque in the town.

The Court of Appeal unanimously ruled in favour of the council over its bid to buy back the land in Hall Street from the Dudley Muslim Association.

The ruling brings the long-running legal dispute to an end as three top judges have ordered the DMA to transfer the land back to the council in January next year.

The Court of Appeal is yet to rule on the exact court costs the DMA will be forced to pay out after losing its legal bid. Dudley Council confirmed in May that it had paid out £213,000 at that stage in legal costs associated with the court action , the final total could be as high as £750,000. Of course the amount awarded is at the discretion of the panel of esteemed judges.

Some people just never take the hint , no means no.

Chalk another victory up to people power !!


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