Pegida UK

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The Mosqueblock Team are delighted to announce that they will be working in association with Pegida UK.

We believe that the extra support and national publicity Pegida UK can generate , will help us take our campaigns to the next level.

Our “How To Fight Mosque Applications” guide is being updated , and will be uploaded to the Pegida UK website shortly. New sections on “illegal mosques” and “parking jihad” are being written as we speak.





Narrow Defeat In Sheldon


Sad new from Birmingham , where local residents narrowly failed to prevent plans for a new mosque just 200 feet from the applicants other facility.

The planning committee voted 5 to 4 in favour (2 abstained) despite strong objections from 85 local residents , all the ward councillors plus two from Solihull MBC….and representations on the day from a resident and an Solihull MBC councillor.

Quite how the councillors thought that 41 parking spaces were enough for 200 worshippers is beyond us. The applicants own travel survey placed the modal usage for cars at over 50%.  What about highway safety councillors !!!

The parking jihad will begin in a few weeks. Our thoughts go out to local residents and shops.


Well done to the locals who at least had a go , keep fighting !