Relief For Worcester Park Residents.


A long running dispute over a mosque application in Sutton has reached a surprising conclusion.

Controversial blueprints for a mosque in Worcester Park have been unexpectedly scrapped in favour of plans for flats. The application to turn a former bank in Green Lane into a place of worship was first submitted in 2012, sparking a long planning saga. The Planning Inspectorate in Bristol finally approved a four-year trial of the mosque in May 2015 following appeals, and stern opposition from local residents.

But on February 2, Sutton Council received a new planning application from Danish Hanif for five flats at the same address. This has left local councillors both angry and relieved.

Paul Wingfield, Worcester Park councillor, said: “It’s quite funny that after such a long process the application has been pulled. At the same time, though, it has made me angry because the sheer length of the to-and-throw will have cost Sutton tax payers a lot of money, and it seems like it is all for nothing.”

The smart money is on a new site for the mosque. We are watching.


New Application-Stoke On Trent

An application has been submitted for :- 59332/FUL  Change of use to Use Class D1 Non-residential institution: Education and Training Centre with a place of worship room 3 Spring Garden Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent ST3 2QS

Just register and comment on the application.


The application is pretty sparse in detail , with no trace of the applicants locally or at Companies House. It`s what we refer to as a “stealth mosque”

Objections (in your own words).

There is minimal onsite parking , and the Place of Worship will create noise and disturbance affecting the residential area , possibly beginning at 3am.

The lack of parking will create noise and disturbance for the Garden Of Remembrance next door.

The lack of parking will create noise and disturbance to other nearby residential areas , since worshippers will be forced to park away from the development.

The proposed development will affect highway safety and traffic flow , since worshippers will be forced to park illegally on Spring Garden Rd.

Although the development has some commercial use , it is largely a waste of viable employment land.


New Application – Sheffield


An application has been submitted for :- Demolition of No. 304 Barnsley Road, erection of extension to Mosque to form prayer hall and entrance, and alterations to front elevation . Mosque  at 306 Barnsley Road Sheffield S4 7AH.

 Objections (in your own words)

The proposed development is too large to be in close proximity to residential amenities.

The proposed development only provides only 9 onsite car parking spaces for up to 300 worshippers. Based on the baseline quoted in the Travel Plan , 58% will arrive by car. This is a shortfall of nearly 165 spaces.

The local streets are protected by loading and waiting restrictions , and some yellow lines. This will leave worshippers no option but to park illegally , harming the residential amenity…and causing noise and disturbance starting at 3am.

The design does not reflect or promote local heritage or distinctiveness , and is located in a designated Conservation Area (the Crabtree and Abbeyfield Area of Special Character).

The design does not match or mirror local architecture , the majority of the dwellings in the area are faced in red brick with slate roofs. There are no domes or minarets.

The need for the proposed development is not proven.

New Application – Walsall.

A new application has been submitted in Walsall. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association has lodged a proposal to convert a warehouse in Vicarage Place into the mosque.

The application can be seen here , add the ref 15/1922 in the search :-

Anyone can object , you could just be a regular visitor to the area (or have family nearby). Can you help the local residents by objecting ? Use the “comment on this application” tab on the application.walsall

Objections (in your own words).

The site is inappropriate for this facility.

The development proposed will cause noise and disturbance to the residential amenities in Vicarage Walk, and the streets to the south.

The inevitable activity, noise and general disturbance from the comings and goings of users of the mosque and community centre and the inevitable congregation of people outside the building will harm the residential amenity.

The development will create pressure (in terms of amenity and parking) on town centre related parking.

The proposal does not meet the Council’s standards for the provision of car parking, and many visitors would have to park elsewhere. As a result, the use would be detrimental to the amenity of adjoining properties by reason of traffic congestion and disturbance.

The parking issues will lead to traffic congestion in Vicarage Walk which is particular sensitive to such effects , due to its narrowness.

The inevitable activity, noise and general disturbance from the comings and goings of users of the mosque and community centre and the inevitable congregation of people outside the building will harm the residential amenity.

Chaos Coming In Clifton


More awful news from Birmingham last week, where the BCC Planning Committee also approved a huge mosque and Islamic facility in Balsall Heath.

The major redevelopment by the KSIMC (Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Muslim) will build a new mosque , funeral home, sports centre, shop and apartments at a cost of £7.5 million.

The new mosque will be topped with a hollow gold dome (14.6m) and a minaret (20.7m) , which the Case Officer describes as “a landmark for the centre”. Here`s how the Balsall Heath skyline currently looks. All you can see are minarets and domes !


Only 29 local residents objected , plus a petition from another local mosque.

The main issues were loss of industrial units, impact on residential amenity, design / impact on visual amenity and highway safety. These were dismissed by the Case Officer in his report. No consideration was given to the number of large mosques already present within a couple of miles of the development….or the points raised by the objectors.

With a capacity of over 2,000 (plus the sports centre)…how exactly will 351 parking spaces service the facility ? Clearly the Transportation Department are following orders too !


Anyone else thinking “mosques for votes” ?

Shame on you councillors !








Windsor Application Withdrawn.


Fierce opposition from Windsor residents has led to the withdrawal of an application for “Change of use from B1 to D1 including place of Worship”.

The application attracted nearly 200 letters of objection from local residents , and objections from the Highways Development Control Department and The Windsor and Eton Society.

The Highways Department said “The proposed development would result in an increase in the number of vehicle movements to and from the site which is not fit for purpose. This will generate a need for a lot of parking which cannot be provided on site, neither locally as available parking is already very limited in the surrounding highway network and would result in vehicles circumnavigating the area in the search of an available parking space. This would be detrimental to road and pedestrian safety and the free flow of traffic along Dedworth Road and the surrounding road network”

Tremendous work everyone , we will of course monitor the site…to see if they resubmit.