Chaos Coming In Clifton


More awful news from Birmingham last week, where the BCC Planning Committee also approved a huge mosque and Islamic facility in Balsall Heath.

The major redevelopment by the KSIMC (Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Muslim) will build a new mosque , funeral home, sports centre, shop and apartments at a cost of £7.5 million.

The new mosque will be topped with a hollow gold dome (14.6m) and a minaret (20.7m) , which the Case Officer describes as “a landmark for the centre”. Here`s how the Balsall Heath skyline currently looks. All you can see are minarets and domes !


Only 29 local residents objected , plus a petition from another local mosque.

The main issues were loss of industrial units, impact on residential amenity, design / impact on visual amenity and highway safety. These were dismissed by the Case Officer in his report. No consideration was given to the number of large mosques already present within a couple of miles of the development….or the points raised by the objectors.

With a capacity of over 2,000 (plus the sports centre)…how exactly will 351 parking spaces service the facility ? Clearly the Transportation Department are following orders too !


Anyone else thinking “mosques for votes” ?

Shame on you councillors !









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