New Application – Sheffield


An application has been submitted for :- Demolition of No. 304 Barnsley Road, erection of extension to Mosque to form prayer hall and entrance, and alterations to front elevation . Mosque  at 306 Barnsley Road Sheffield S4 7AH.

 Objections (in your own words)

The proposed development is too large to be in close proximity to residential amenities.

The proposed development only provides only 9 onsite car parking spaces for up to 300 worshippers. Based on the baseline quoted in the Travel Plan , 58% will arrive by car. This is a shortfall of nearly 165 spaces.

The local streets are protected by loading and waiting restrictions , and some yellow lines. This will leave worshippers no option but to park illegally , harming the residential amenity…and causing noise and disturbance starting at 3am.

The design does not reflect or promote local heritage or distinctiveness , and is located in a designated Conservation Area (the Crabtree and Abbeyfield Area of Special Character).

The design does not match or mirror local architecture , the majority of the dwellings in the area are faced in red brick with slate roofs. There are no domes or minarets.

The need for the proposed development is not proven.


11 thoughts on “New Application – Sheffield”

  1. There are more than enough mosques in the UK, and we don’t want any more, also we don’t want any of them to be made bigger so that they inconvenience the local residents.

  2. There are enough mosques in the UK already. Are we really just going to keep allowing and even encouraging the encroachment of this foreign and anti liberal ideology? No more mosques thanks.

  3. There are way too many mosques in this country as it is, why would any sane human want to expand and further such an inhumane and backwards religion in a civilised country? Islam has nothing to offer us – why not use the space and money on something that benefits all of society and not just a select group? Or it could accommodate homeless veterans

  4. No mosques in UK whatsoever. Preaching from a book that promotes murder and sexual deviancy should be illegal.

  5. I don’t want to see any more mosques built in England they are not necessary. Why should us English people have to put up with buildings that looks and are completely out of place in our country. This is England and England belongs to us English people under the terms of the magna Carter England has a right to refuse. I have given my objection to anything going ahead.

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