Relief For Worcester Park Residents.


A long running dispute over a mosque application in Sutton has reached a surprising conclusion.

Controversial blueprints for a mosque in Worcester Park have been unexpectedly scrapped in favour of plans for flats. The application to turn a former bank in Green Lane into a place of worship was first submitted in 2012, sparking a long planning saga. The Planning Inspectorate in Bristol finally approved a four-year trial of the mosque in May 2015 following appeals, and stern opposition from local residents.

But on February 2, Sutton Council received a new planning application from Danish Hanif for five flats at the same address. This has left local councillors both angry and relieved.

Paul Wingfield, Worcester Park councillor, said: “It’s quite funny that after such a long process the application has been pulled. At the same time, though, it has made me angry because the sheer length of the to-and-throw will have cost Sutton tax payers a lot of money, and it seems like it is all for nothing.”

The smart money is on a new site for the mosque. We are watching.


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