Illegal Mosques.


We get lots of messages about illegal mosques. Really they are quite simple to deal with :-

Check your facts. Put the address into the planning application search of your local council ,and see what comes up. Also check the UK mosque directories (take screenshots to use as evidence)

Is the use illegal ? All buildings have a use class , what is the premises currently registered as ? Normally a shop or a restaurant. All explained here:-

The correct class for a mosque is D1.

Get some evidence. A few photos of worshippers entering and leaving is normally enough , also photograph any signs/posters/timetables in the window.

AT NO POINT SHOULD YOU RISK YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY , if confronted and threatened…DIAL 999 FOR THE POLICE. It is not illegal to photograph anything or anyone from the public highway (without their consent). Be careful not to get any photographs of minors in your evidence (that could land you in trouble)

Contact Planning Enforcement. A short email explaining that you are reporting a planning breach , and asking them to investigate and enforce (attach your photos).

Keep sending your email until you get a response , and a case number. The investigation may take a month , enforcement will contact you with the results.

If a warning letter is sent to the property owner , it will give them up to 28 days to stop the illegal use. Go back and check a month later , if the warning has been ignored report it again.

If the owners continue to ignore the enforcement notices , they may find themselves in court…so keep at it. “Failure to comply with an enforcement notice  is a criminal offence. An enforcement notice is a notice requiring compliance with planning consent. If the notice is upheld, the penalty for failure to comply is a fine of up to £20,000 on summary conviction or an unlimited fine on indictment”. 

An enforcement sometimes triggers a planning application , so stay vigilant. We can be contacted on if you need any help.




4 thoughts on “Illegal Mosques.”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is a subject that I am extremely concerned about!. An old Methodist church (D1) has been bought by Muslims in an absolute NON Muslim area in Manchester called Haughton Green. This is just another example of Muslims wanting to totally take over another part of this country as they do not integrate with other areas of society. Haughton Green is (at the moment) a lovely leafy suburb of Manchester on the border with Cheshire. There is absolutely no or an extremely small Muslim population if any, if they build this Mosque it will only serve to make Haughton Green over time a Muslim settlement forcing out the local population. I know for a fact that they will not be happy to travel in and travel out and they (Muslims) have already been knocking on peoples doors asking if they want to see their houses. This will be the beginning of the end of Haughton Green if they build a Mosque which is not needed for the people who are already there and NON Muslim.

    There is no absolutely no adequate parking and I also believe that the Methodist Committee is trying to take legal action to stop the building as in the original deeds it states that the building is not to be used for any other faith. I have contacted my local MP (Andrew Gwynne, Labour) who does not seem to be interested with this matter. There is also talk of a housing estate being built on the old Two Trees School site who will be partly funded by Oldham council. Oldham Council is a predominately Muslim area and the houses are an overspill for them. This is perhaps one of the reasons why they are so desperate to build a mosque and totally take over an area that has virtually NO Muslim population.

    I believe that I have just as much right to say NO to this as they have to want this to happen. There has already been problems with this whole situation and people already sleeping in the building. It is another example of Muslims using their faith to expand and take over more areas of this country a NON Muslim country. I have found that this situation now needs some professional help with this matter as the problem that is Islam is seeming to spread at an unstoppable pace. It is for this reason that I feel I now have to contact your organisation for help. I believe that you may have helped with a similar situation in Stalybridge in Tameside, Manchester. I look forward to hearing from you soon as we need urgent help!

    Kind Regards, G
    Haughton Green, Manchester

  2. Sadly it already has D1 approval , legally nothing you can do. Possibly gather some photo evidence and contact Parking Enforcement (when the parking Jihad starts). Sorry we can`t be more helpful.

    Possibly the land has a protective covenant on it , preventing it from being used by other faiths. The Land Registry would be able to tell you.

    1. IF the deeds say the building is not to be used for any other faith, that may not be the same as the site is not to be used for any other faith. Check the wording and we wish for the best. Meanwhile Islam is becoming the laughing stock of the internet and rapidly going down the sewer pipe anyway. “Daddy, I don’t want to be a muslim.”

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