People Power Triumphs In Dagenham


Wonderful news from Essex , where local residents have scuppered secret council plans to build a mosque at a sports and social club.

The story begins in September 2015 when trustees say they were approached by Barking and Dagenham Council, on behalf of Barking Mosque, and held a meeting with council leader Cllr Darren Rodwell – plus a representative from the borough’s planning department – on Tuesday, September 29. The Trustees then voted unanimously to agree in principal to the siting of the building adjacent to the north east area of the car park, and possibly on the car park, subject to planning applications.

However a very well organised (and supported) campaign led by The Dagenham Eastbrook Mosque Action Group (assisted by the local UKIP team) , has forced the council and trustees and council to drop the “hot potato”. Over 600 local residents attended a consultation meeting in January 2016 , and voiced their objections to the scheme.

The public pressure recently forced Dagenham’s May and Baker Sports and Social Club trustees into a swift ” u turn”. Steve Thompson, board of trustees chairman at the centre in Dagenham Road, Dagenham, said negative speculation about a “mosque” showed public backing for developments is vital. He said they made the pledge at their monthly meeting last week, but stressed there was never any plan to build a mosque……(oh really !!)


Great news , and well done to all involved.



4 thoughts on “People Power Triumphs In Dagenham”

    1. The land was left to local residents by May and Baker for sports and social uses. It has a legal restriction explicitly banning use of the site for religious use. And finally , 93% of ward residents (survey done by UKIP) were opposed to it. No problem with a mosque…just not in this location.

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