Residents Win In Redbridge


Splendid news from the London Borough of Redbridge , where residents have a defeated a long running mosque application again. The latest application was refused on 31/03/16 for “inapppropriate scale” , the full minutes of the meeting are not available yet.

The latest application from the At-Taqwa Centre was for a “Change of use to D1 Islamic Community Centre and extension”. The centre already had a D1 permission allowing educational use , and was the subject of an enforcement action from Redbridge Council when caught using it as a mosque.

This is despite the applicants playing the victim card in the local press (we`ll wait for the claims of racism and islamophobia to surface).


No doubt the applicants will appeal , the locals we spoke to said they are ready to continue the fight.

People power !





Could you spare 5 minutes to help Dagenham residents ?

It seems that being turned down twice by the council and once by the Planning Inspectorate isn`t enough for these applicants.

A new appeal to the Planning Inspectorate has been made for 539 Rainham Rd South in Dagenham. You can comment on the case here:-

The application that the council refused in July 2015 was for “Change of use of ground floor to community/cultural centre/place of worship (Use Class D1).”

Reasons Why You Object

The proposed  development would  increase traffic generation and general activity , causing noise and disturbance to the residential amenity

The proposed development would adversely effect the surrounding highway network and free flow of vehicular traffic, and would be detrimental to amenity and highway safety

The proposed development would adversely effect the  free flow of pedestrian traffic, and would be detrimental to amenity and highway safety.

The proposed development would be a loss of valuable employment land , and may effect the trade of local businesses.