Could you spare 5 minutes to help Dagenham residents ?

It seems that being turned down twice by the council and once by the Planning Inspectorate isn`t enough for these applicants.

A new appeal to the Planning Inspectorate has been made for 539 Rainham Rd South in Dagenham. You can comment on the case here:-

The application that the council refused in July 2015 was for “Change of use of ground floor to community/cultural centre/place of worship (Use Class D1).”

Reasons Why You Object

The proposed  development would  increase traffic generation and general activity , causing noise and disturbance to the residential amenity

The proposed development would adversely effect the surrounding highway network and free flow of vehicular traffic, and would be detrimental to amenity and highway safety

The proposed development would adversely effect the  free flow of pedestrian traffic, and would be detrimental to amenity and highway safety.

The proposed development would be a loss of valuable employment land , and may effect the trade of local businesses.


7 thoughts on “Appeal”

  1. This development is not wanted on a residential street.
    The peoples lives will be upheaved from traffic, too many pedestrians, and noise!!!
    No no no!!!

  2. The planning permission to build anew mosque must be refused, because it goes ahead then too many people will have their lives disrupted.

  3. The inconvenience to the shop owners would be enormous, blocking of access to their properties, inconvenience to road users by increasing the amount of traffic on this road. Parking on the roadway will also cause inconvenience to shop owners. Also inconvenience to pedestrians. These places may be used to radicalize the young and create more problems for this area including assaults vandalism, and complaints about the smell of bacon (this has already occurred in another area).

  4. This will cause chaos with high levels of traffic on an already busy road for people trying to get to work or children trying to get to the 4 nearby schools. local residents will have parking difficulties and will have to cope with excess noise in the quiet surrounding streets.
    The area has several fast food shops where youngsters hang around having, having a religious Muslim building in this very area will be open to abuse, vandalism and possible assaults. It is a risk that shouldn’t be taken and not fair on us local residents. The Muslim community is very small in this area why would they need such a place especially as barking mosque is not too far away. Please don’t cause upset to our local area!!

  5. it’s an absolute joke there’s enough bloody mosques already this country needs to get a bloody backbone enough is enough

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