Application-South Woodford

Can you spare 5 minutes to help residents in South Woodford Essex.


Qur’ani Murkuz Trust have lodged updated plans to expand an existing mosque. You can comment on the application here:-

What To Say When You Comment.

The proposed development will cause additional noise and disturbance to the residential amenity.

The proposed development will impact highway safety through the generation of extra traffic, who will be using quiet residential streets.

The proposed development lacks any onsite parking. Although the applicants lease a nearby car park ,it is insufficient for the 500 worshippers that may attend this mosque.

The proposed development is far too large in terms of mass and scale , an does not match locally used building styles. It is an eyesore, not a landmark

The need for the proposed development is not proven. The applicants plan to attract worshippers from outside the area. It is not solely for local worshippers.




15 thoughts on “Application-South Woodford”

  1. already looks ugly and changes will not help it blend in.. Trying to expand to attract even more people not even from the immediate area is selfish to the local residents who do not attend. Traffic will increase and have too big an impact on the local area. Need for it not proven and not in the best interests of other residents.

  2. This is unneeded and will impact the local community. The building is on a massive scale and is out of character for the location , there are enough already

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