Great Lever Mega Mosque Approved Again.


The rather odd machinations of the Bolton planning committee continue. Sadly for local residents they have approved a second application for a 3,000 capacity mosque in Great Lever, Bolton. It`s clear to us at Mosqueblock, that the council are behind this second application to cover up a previous legal error. Complaints to the Chief Exec and the Local Government Ombudsman are still ongoing.

A local activist  spoke against the application, and made some strong points that many of the councilors clearly agreed with.One councilor felt that the public had been deliberately misled by the applicants. It was not a unanimous vote like last time.

However, after reviewing the footage of the meeting it may appear that another error may have been made.  We find this amazing, were the Planning Department asleep during the meeting ? Were Legal Services present ? More complaints to follow.

The Planning Committee were recently audited by the Planning Advisory Service, and were told to make improvements (not that the council will release the full report). The Head of Planning  resigned, rather than face further scrutiny.

We predict an awkward few months for the council. Sadly none of this will help the local residents who will face a tidal wave of cars every Friday.

Keep fighting !



3 thoughts on “Great Lever Mega Mosque Approved Again.”

  1. 5 minute walk from Mega Mosque in Great Lever, another planning application was submitted on 18/11/2016 for Bridgeman Street, Bolton, which is also Great Lever, this is planning application 97925/16 to convert a car showroom into a Kurdish Community Centre.

    Work started illegally a few weeks back and up went the sign saying Kurdish Community Centre, I reported it as there was no planning application, now one has been submitted, and the applicant has lied about saying work has not started, when it has.

    They also want to extend and remove 14 car spaces which means parking on the street in a residential area and near both a primary school and care home.

    I have logged my objections.

    We need more people to object.

    I lived near the planned Mega Mosque some years back and users would park anywhere they could, often in endless streets around the area.

    I now live near another community centre / Mosque in Great Lever, and that too is a nightmare when they park and block roads.

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