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South Woodford Mosque Expansion Stopped Again


Tremendous news from Essex, where South Woodford residents have again stopped plans to expand the Qur’ani Murkuz Trust in Mulberry Way.

This is the third application (and the second appeal to the Planning Inspectorate) !

The planning inspector said “I consider that the proposal would have a negative effect on the environmental and social roles of sustainability and that this would outweigh the limited economic benefit. As such, the proposal would not amount to sustainable development and does not benefit from the presumption in favour of sustainable development set out in Framework paragraph 14. Conclusion 20″.

The full decision can be viewed here (look at the decision doc):-

Congratulations to local residents, who have vowed to keep fighting. The applicants have already indicated that they submit another application.

Man the ramparts !




Could you spare 5 minutes to help Dagenham residents ?

It seems that being turned down twice by the council and once by the Planning Inspectorate isn`t enough for these applicants.

A new appeal to the Planning Inspectorate has been made for 539 Rainham Rd South in Dagenham. You can comment on the case here:-

The application that the council refused in July 2015 was for “Change of use of ground floor to community/cultural centre/place of worship (Use Class D1).”

Reasons Why You Object

The proposed  development would  increase traffic generation and general activity , causing noise and disturbance to the residential amenity

The proposed development would adversely effect the surrounding highway network and free flow of vehicular traffic, and would be detrimental to amenity and highway safety

The proposed development would adversely effect the  free flow of pedestrian traffic, and would be detrimental to amenity and highway safety.

The proposed development would be a loss of valuable employment land , and may effect the trade of local businesses.

The Stratford Megamosque – A Decision In Limbo


Well dear reader it`s been a while since we mentioned this particular project. It`s all gone very quiet , and several deadlines have come….and gone.

Since the Planning Inquiry in June 2014 , not a lot has happened. And to cap it all , the General Election is now the reason for the delay.

Before each GE there is a period called “Purdah” , where no major decisions are allowed to be announced.

So local residents sit and wait . And so do Newham Council , who have a live High Court appeal in progress…which is waiting for the decision from the new The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government…whoever that may be. A spokeswoman for Newham Borough Council said she believed that the Secretary of State’s decision would not take place before May’s general election.  Planning decisions would not start to be issued after that until at least June because they would need whoever got into power to ‘bed in’.

Alan Craig, spokesman for the MegaMosqueNoThanks campaign,  is still ‘quietly confident and optimistic’ that the decision will be to refuse permission for the mosque to go ahead in its current form. ‘Any rational person who looks at the facts and evidence would take that position. I would be gobsmacked at the stupidity of Eric Pickles or his successor if they allowed this to go ahead.’

Don`t hold you breath folks , this dispute is now entering it`s 16th year !

Dagenham Wins Again !


My word this has been a long battle !

Local residents have finally defeated the proposed Community Centre and Place of Worship at 539 Rainham Rd South in Dagenham , Essex.

We blogged on this case last year.


The mosque was initially granted a temporary one year permission in April 2102 , despite local opposition. When the year was up , the owners of the mosque applied to make it permanent . However local residents “upped their game” , and Planning Officers refused the application in August 2013.

However , the owners decided to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. The decision announced today cited issues with road safety , parking and disturbance to local residents. It can be read here :-

A massive well done to the local Dagenham residents.  A lesson to us all , get organised and don`t give up !!



Planning Inspector Does The Unthinkable In Clacton

Regular readers of this blog may remember a fine victory by Clacton residents to see off a mosque application last May.

clacton front may 30

I now bring you bad news. The unelected , non local Planning Inspectorate have allowed an appeal by the Tendring Islamic Association. This means that the Tendring Council decision is over turned , and the mosque is now open.

Of course the locals  are furious , made more so by Tendring Councils apparent unwillingness to fight this decision in the High Court. Perhaps the Planning Departments coffers are empty.

Local residents have a short six week window to convince Tendring Council to fight the decision. We have been in touch with the “No Mosque In Pier Avenue” group , and they are pulling out all the stops. The local MP and MEP are being very helpful ,there is still enormous local opposition.

You can follow the progress here


We will of course update the page with any news.