Megamosque Saga Over !


Well dear readers , it looks like the Riverine Centre saga in West Ham is finally over.An article published yesterday  by the Sunday Telegraph claims Communities Secretary Greg Clark has made the final decision to dismiss the appeal for the proposed megamosque.

Barring a Judicial Review , this seems the end of the line for the megamosque project. Changes to planning laws will hopefully prevent any further delaying tactics by the Trustees of the Riverine Centre.
It now leaves the way clear for the London Borough of Newham to evict and remove Taglighi Jamat from the site , having secured an injuction to do so last year in the High Court.
This is tremendous news for the ordinary residents of West Ham and Newham who would have been most immediately impacted by the project.
A massive congratulations to the Megamosque No Thanks team led by Alan Craig , and local residents who have fought this all the way. A lesson for us all , never give up. Warm up up the bulldozers !!