Timperley Application Update.


So no sign of the application yet, despite lots of promises that it will be presented “in the next few weeks”.

The Altrincham & Hale Muslim Association have applied to have the Environmental Impact Assessment waived, since they claim to have completed surveys already covering the subject. Call us old cynics, but if you commission a survey from a company they are hardly likely to come up with results that harm your application. We do hope Trafford Council  insist on the full EIA.

The smart money is now that the application will go in over Christmas (an old ploy) , hoping to catch the locals napping.

Having spoken to the residents groups, we know they are ready to deliver 20,000 leaflets and objection letters. And another demonstration is ready to go.

Now that`s commitment !


Watch this space for further updates.


Great Lever Mega Mosque Approved Again.


The rather odd machinations of the Bolton planning committee continue. Sadly for local residents they have approved a second application for a 3,000 capacity mosque in Great Lever, Bolton. It`s clear to us at Mosqueblock, that the council are behind this second application to cover up a previous legal error. Complaints to the Chief Exec and the Local Government Ombudsman are still ongoing.

A local activist  spoke against the application, and made some strong points that many of the councilors clearly agreed with.One councilor felt that the public had been deliberately misled by the applicants. It was not a unanimous vote like last time.

However, after reviewing the footage of the meeting it may appear that another error may have been made.  We find this amazing, were the Planning Department asleep during the meeting ? Were Legal Services present ? More complaints to follow.

The Planning Committee were recently audited by the Planning Advisory Service, and were told to make improvements (not that the council will release the full report). The Head of Planning  resigned, rather than face further scrutiny.

We predict an awkward few months for the council. Sadly none of this will help the local residents who will face a tidal wave of cars every Friday.

Keep fighting !