Community Centres.


A worrying new trend has developed allowing “stealth mosques” to spring up at formerly council owned community centres.

As local authorities look to unload any financial burdens, many are leasing out council owned and publicly built community centres to “community associations” to manage.

There seems to be little restriction on who can set up a community association, and little due dilligence from the councils as to how it will be run.

Community centres benefit from a generic D1 use permission, and as such can be used as a place of worship.

One community centre in Barking & Dagenham has already been handed over to a “community association”, who`s first order of business was to issue a council approved sub let to the local Islamic Association (who have been monopolising the centre for years). Local residents now face years of parking Jihad every Friday with little protection from the council.

There have already been documented cases of community centres being run covertly as mosques. The one in the story below has banned alcohol and music from the centre.

Unless the community associations clearly breach any conditions or rules included in their lease (relating to use or inclusion), there is little that you can do legally.

We advise that you check with your local councillors, if a community association is being formed to manage your local community center…get yourself involved.




4 thoughts on “Community Centres.”

  1. Are we just supposed to bury our heads in the sand & wait to die & let our children & grandchildren be forced to wear hijabs or grow beards? Because it seems that if we oppose or have even a slight objection we are then called RACISTS White supremacists or CRACKA’S Intolerants, Is it only when we concede that we are viable?

  2. Can you help with this. submitted to Barnet Council on May 30th 2017

    Planning Application 17/0798/FUL
    Application Summary
    Application Number: 17/0798/FUL
    Address: 683 – 685 High Road London N12 0DA
    Proposal: Four storey front extension and roof extension to original building. Associated refuse
    storage and provision of car and cycle parking
    Case Officer: Will Philps

    1. We have had a look at this application. Our opinion is that the council will pass it. It’s quite well thought out , and we struggled to find any real substance to use for objections. Sorry.

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