rothbiz chapel walk mosque

An application has been received for “change of use to community centre (class D2) for a 5 year temporary period of time including single storey extensions” at the Crown Manufactory (Rotherham) Ltd, Chapel Walk , Rotherham. The plans clearly show a large hall, with lots of toilets and washing facilities and separate entrances. It`s clear to us what this will be….a mosque.

Should you wish to object, the link is here:-

What to say:-

The proposed development is incorrectly described, it is in fact a Place of Worship (D1).

No details of “community activities” have been submitted by the applicant.

The proposed development will create huge volumes of traffic and congestion to the local road network.

The proposed development could hold up to 1,000 users, there is insufficient parking onsite, and on local roads.

The proposed development has a poor PTAL rating, meaning that most users will arrive

by car.

The proposed development will create noise and disturbance to the residential amenity.

The proposed development is large, and warrants the submission of a formal Travel Plan.

The proposed development is a large site suitable for business and job creation, it`s use as a Place of Worship would be a loss of valuable employment land.


The deadline for objections is March 16th 2017




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