How To Fight Mosque Planning Applications 101- Chapter Five…….What Happens Next ?

Welcome the final page.

If you lost at the Planning Hearing , there`s not much you can do ! You have no right of appeal , and unless you have 30k to fund a Judicial Review (and have evidence that the council acted illegally)…it`s over. Lick your wounds , have a pint and get ready for the next fight ! One positive note is that the applicants only have 3 years to start the work , after that they must reapply….so keep watching the site.

If you won at the Planning Hearing…congratulations !! Once you have sobered up , you should be aware that the applicants can appeal or resubmit !

Planning appeals are heard by the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol (and gets assigned a new reference number). The Inspectorate can over turn your council`s decision (don`t assume they will). Normally the applicants would have up to 5 months to start this process , and it may take 7 months or more to conclude. Keep monitoring the council website for details of any appeals , or you could phone the Planning Department. If it does go to appeal , you can then comment or write to the Case Officer in Bristol. Use your facebook page to publicise the appeal.


Be warned that the Planning Inspectorate website is crap , and antiquated

Very occasionally the applicants may resubmit. The new application must be significantly different to previous submissions , the Planning Officers are very strict. So keep checking the Planning Applications.

Well done for seeing it through to the end. It`s a great feeling when you win , and shit when you lose. You may have to chalk a few up to experience , but it`s worth it !

Good luck !!


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